[SW] My Chase Rules for Savage Worlds

Everyone’s excited about the latest Chase Rules for Savage World’s Adventurers edition but tbh I’m not a fan, despite being about Fast!Furious!Fun! it feels and reads a bit clunky. So here’s mine. I’ve been using this system for Pathfinder and D&D 5e and recently adapted it for Savage Worlds.

Abby’s Chase Rules!~

> Create x number of cards with obstacles in the way.
> Shuffle and place cards in a line.
> Determine distance: decide on this.
> Place tokens on their respective cards.
> Draw action cards for initiative.
> Flip starting obstacle card. It describes what check you need, what penalties it has. Change TN appropriately with multiple choices.
Example: There’s a log in the way! Jump over it: Agility TN 4. Lift it: Strength TN 5.
> If you pass, move onto next obstacle card.
> Continue until one breaks through to the end of the chase.

> Support: If you succeed on a raise, you can use the Support action(rolling a Trait) and grant +1 to allied checks on the card. Max: +2 total bonus.
> Boost: Don’t attempt to pass the obstacle. If you are chasing, you may push an ally to the next card. On an escape, you may pull an ally from the previous card onto yours.
> Mischief: As you pass an obstacle (not from a boost) you may roll a Skill, describe the complication you’re adding, and add +1 to the Target Number, with +2 on a raise. Max: +2 to the Target Number. Good for escaping.

Extras Things:
> Create branching pathways. Such as one that is shorter but higher TN’s, or longer with smaller ones. With a raise, create a shortcut if applicable.
> For the purposes of a chase, an enemy may have a single Wild Die to use on one of the obstacles. If they score a raise on a Trait roll, they regain its use. This represents lucky breaks.
> When you roll a clubs for your action/initiative card a complication occurs.


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